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A couple of years back I was asked to create some images for a group of Co.Kerry based Re-enactors and they selected the Vikings as there historic period, this shoot was great fun to do for the day. We selected the remains and grounds of an old church yard and this worked very well.

Viking shield

Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington

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Wedding Photography Prices


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Studio63 Wedding Photography

Studio63 Wedding Photography - Nigel Borrington

Yesterday I received the following email.

“Message: hi, just wondering if u could give me prices on the wedding packages u have. id really appreciate it thanks”

Can I just make a quick point!

From the 10th of October 2011, I no longer post my prices on the web site, the reason for this is that I feel it takes away my chance to talk to prospective customers about their own details i.e.

. Date of the wedding
. The venue’s they have already booked for the wedding.
. Type of package selected from the details I give on the Studio63 web site.
. Length of time and locations, during the day you would like to have my services for.
. Size of the wedding party you expect ( This can relate to number of shots needed for the finished media )

Without wishing to wag a finger at anyone, these are just the basic details that I need to even start to work on the best price that I can offer to a customer.

Two years ago posting an average price worked, but I would now like to work on the best price per wedding.

Kind regards


PS for contact details please see : Studio63

Kilkenny wedding at St John’s church, Kilkenny city.


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Studio63 wedding, st johns church kilkenny

Studio63 wedding, at St John's Chruch, Kilkenny city

One of the Wedding we did this summer was the wedding of Moira and Niall Millea, held in St John’s Church, Kilkenny City.

Congratulations to them both on their day!


Kilkenny wedding photographer : Nigel Borrington